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Fresh food grown locally and indoors across the Philippines.

About Us

The Future is in

Urban Farming

At NXTLVL Farms we marry technology and a love of fresh food to provide our customers the best in quality. By working together with restaurants, chefs and agronomists, we are constantly improving the quality of our produce 

Our Products

What We Grow & Sell

Grown Indoors


The Philippines is hit with up to 10 typhoons a year. These storms damage crops and disrupt food supply. Our food is grown indoors, protected from these natural disasters, providing a consistent food supply for restaurants, retailers and end consumers. It is grown indoors without soil, harmful fertilizers,  pesticides or GMO seeds.


Dinosaur Kale

Dark blue-green, slightly bitter and earthy

Genovese Basil

The king of herbs - sweet, aromatic

Roquette Arugula

Aromatic, peppery - perfect for salads

And more coming soon...

Where to try and buy our produce

F&B / Restaurants

Want to try our produce but not necessarily the biggest chef?

Try them from our customers!

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Supermarkets & Retailers

We're available in the Marketplace by Rustan's at the Power Plant Mall Rockwell and in more branches to come!

Individual Bulk Orders

Receive fresh vegetables on the day of harvest, delivered straight to your doorstep! Available soon.

Email for inquiries


to you

We grow our food as close to you as possible. By reducing the miles your food needs to travel, we improve fresh food quality, nutrition, and food diversity in the Philippines. Our containerized indoor hydroponic farms produce fresh vegetables 365 days a year.



We continually search and invest for the the top of the line hardware and software to ensure our growing environment is stable year-round.

Our systems collect data on growing conditions such as temperature, humidity, CO2, ph levels, and nutrient concentration. We analyse and use the data to improve yields, taste and overall quality of our produce. 

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24 Hour Fresh

Our vegetables are delivered within 24 hours of harvesting, so you get the freshest produce.

NON-GMO, NO pesticides, Post-Organic

Our produce is grown indoors without soil, harmful fertilizers,  pesticides or GMO seeds.


Quality produce grown indoors away from pests and disease. 


Our controlled environment allows us to grow consistent,

high-quality vegetables


Were Local


100% Filipino

We grow locally. We develop our own technology locally. We create our own farms locally. We're Local. We're 100% Filipino owned.




We revolutionize the farming industry in the Philippines.


We grow lettuce, herbs, and other leafy greens from fully enclosed repurposed 40ft containers outfitted with hydroponic growing equipment and hardware.

We grow food that is closer to the end-user and maximize shelf-life. We minimize nutrient and quality loss by controlling the box's environment, providing the freshest produce. Most produce has to travel for many hours and loses its freshness.  


Our Farmbox holds over 10,000 plants and outputs the equivalent of 1 acre of land in 320sq. ft.

Use less than 120kwh of power per day per container

Use 90% less water than a traditional farm

Only 15-20 man hours weekly

Farm with us!

We need you.

The average age of a farmer is 60 years old.

We need more farmers. 


Work with us and revolutionize the farming industry in the Philippines.


We are looking for:

Smart, motivated individuals who are passionate about food security and food safety. Individuals who want to improve agriculture and farming in the Philippines using the latest technology and innovation.


We welcome students in agronomy, botany, engineering, and marketing!

Do you want to intern with us and get work experience at an actual indoor vertical farm?


Professors and Farmers who want to collaborate with us.

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Share your ideas and let's talk!  

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